Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Quilting & Stamping

I have been posting to my Splitcoaststampers gallery the last few nights, and realized that I do have a lot of things that I could be posting here. So, even if I have been unproductive lately I can still show you things that I have done in the past.

I started consigning at a quilt shop in Nevada right after Thanksgiving. I made 25 cards and shipped them off- I am pleased that they are selling, and it makes me happy to know that someone wants to buy what my talents produce. It isn't much appreciated here at my house. Maybe, because I have always created with something. That is not to say that they do not like what I do. It is just more validating when someone you don't know likes what you do.

So here are a few of my favorite creations that feature the sewing theme. I really enjoyed making the sewing cards- I even bought the Papertrey Ink Quilting Sampler stamp set. http://www.papertreyink.com/stamps_quilterssampler.html Oh my.... I love it, and it is very easy to use! Alas, some of my images were clip art that I found on the net. I have found it very hard to find sewing images in stamps. I did color all of them with my Copics, so it still counts as crafting right?

This card above was made with the Christmas SU paper and paper pieced using the Papertrey Ink Quilting Sampler as a guide. Not the easiest thing to do while you are on pain meds, but I love the outcome. But still.... I probably will not repeat this effect.

Once again, this is a PTI Quilting Sampler set.

Stamping has been one of my saviors this last year. I used to sew, making many clothes for myself and the kids. When I became ill and could not get out of bed, I turned to stamping as my creative outlet. Once upon a time, many years ago I was a SU Demo. I had forgotten how much I loved it. I needed to get back in touch with my inner child and coloring was a great way to do that. Now, my husband didn't really appreciate my medium, well more the cost of my Copics, but he is happy with the results I can achieve with them. If you need to find your inner child with Copics try Oozaks at http://www.oozak.com/index.php

Anyway, that is it for today! I feel good... I posted pictures of cards. WooHoo!


Sunday, February 1, 2009

A New Healthy Lifestyle

I am a bad blogger! Bad, Bad, Bad girl!
Truthfully, it has been such a busy week that I have not had a chance to blog or craft. Very depressing!
Crafting is my sanity most days- something I do just for me. A chance to concentrate on my work and my talent.
I have been trying to get the kinks out of my new healthy eating regiment. Do you know long it takes to cook every meal? A lot longer than just pouring cereal in the morning and sticking chicken nuggets in the oven at lunch. Plus the shopping is more intricate. I spent hours shopping last week. Two hours at the commissary reading labels, deciding if this was a "good enough" product, and listening to the kids whine about how long it was taking. Two hours in the Whole Foods Store, looking at all the cool stuff available, finding the right supplements, looking for alternatives to our refined and bleached food staples, and the whole time listening to the kids telling me about the fascinating things they were finding. Oh, and I almost forgot.... 45 minutes in Wally World getting the things that I couldn't find at either of the previous stores. However, I did get to do the last store alone!
I really can't complain about me kids and shopping, though. As soon as we get into the store, the oldest two go and get 2 milks each, and put them into the cart first. Then they help throughout the store by grabbing things from aisles and going after things I forgot. At the end, all three children unload the shopping cart, and when we get home, they unload the car and put all groceries away. Where would I be without them? What's more is what would this family be without them this last year? With a little guidance from Ray they would tackle grocery shopping when I couldn't. I am so very proud of their shopping abilities among other talents they have shown this last year. They can all do laundry, dishes, organize the house, and take care of me with ease. I cannot brag about them enough.
So here is a rundown of our new day- now that we are trying to lead a more healthy life.
7am- I get up and walk around the block. When I get back I tackle breakfast and then wake the kids up to eat- while I take a shower.
8:30ish- We start our school day. I spend most of my day correcting paperwork, and helping with instructions, standing by, organizing, and leading by example. During this time I usually do my Bible Study, and work on scheduling, and list making.
12ish- we come together for lunch- Ideally this would be a great time for a family devotional, but this is still a work in progress.
1ish- back to work- schoolwork that is. This is the time I can spend working on my creations. Most days I can get in a little of this before I become to weak and need to lay down. I must note that I am getting better all the time, though.
3-4ish- We try and be done with school by this time. It doesn't happen this way all the time, but we try. Our neighbor gets home from school at 3:30 and the kids would like to go outside and play with him.
5ish- Dinner, that I try and prepare while they are outside. Hubby is usually up by then (he works nights), and will help out with any things that need to get done.
I try and get everyone to bed by 9pm- yah right! But I try!
So that is it! Well, we do have to fit in occupational therapy, Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, 4-H Bunny Club, MOPS (mothers of preschoolers- Hannah volunteers), Dr's appointments (for me), and Co-op for homeschoolers. Crazy schedule really. Who says Homeschoolers are unsocialized? Not mine- we are too busy living our lives in the real world.
I wanted to include a picture of our family on Eric's Birthday last month. He is 10 now- when did that happen?

Isn't it a cute photo? For his birthday, he received new chopsticks from the restaurant. He is still trying to eat every Asian meal we have with them, and doing rather well.
I guess that is it for the day. I will try and post again tomorrow. Hopefully, I will have something creative to put in.