Monday, November 19, 2012

Goals and Clearing

Yesterday we spent the day cutting down trees on the side lot by the front of our farm.  Our goal is to get this area completely fenced by the end of December.  There is still plenty of grass over in this area and it would go a long way to keeping our sheep fed for the winter.  It may only be an acre total, however it is long and narrow, and will cost more to fence it than a regular 1 acre lot.  An acre is about 209 ft squared.  This strip of land is more like 700 by 100 by 700 by 40 ft.  It is going to take a bunch more fence.  With this being done and a gate put in place on our driveway, we will have cut off access from the road for any stray dogs attacking our animals.

As you can see we have a lot more to do. All of the fence lines are for cattle- meaning that they are just 3 strands of barbed wire.  Our sheep, chickens and dogs will need 2x4 welded wire fencing to keep them in and the coyotes, foxes and bobcats out.  The darker yellow is what we have done so far, and the lighter is what still needs to be done.  Everything is overgrown and needs clearing before we can put fencing in.  It is more work that we can get done in one year and so we are trying to take it in steps.  Here is the before of the side we are working on right now:

We took down 4 trees yesterday- learning the whole time- how to take the trees down safely.  I helped Hubby take down the trees, the kids stacked wood and took branches out to our burn pile.

There is still so much to do- Including
Clear Land
Fence paddocks closest to house
Figure out how to get water to the back of property
Sound overwhelming?  It is, but I am excited to to get this property in shape and in working order.

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