Friday, November 16, 2012

Plant Zones and First Frosts

I am researching my plant zones and first and last frost dates today.  Did you know that in 2012 most of the United States underwent a change in plant zones?  That's right, most of us got moved 1 to 2 zones warmer.  Hmmm.... but global warming is a non-issue right? 
I am in zone 7a, but just barely.  You can check your zone here:
I then went and checked when I could plant here:
Here are my dates:

CropStart Seeds IndoorsMoon-favorable DatesStart Seeds in the GroundMoon-favorable Dates
BeansApr 13-27Apr 13-25
BeetsMar 23-May 4Mar 28-Apr 9
BroccoliFeb 15-Mar 1Feb 15-25Mar 23-30Mar 23-27
Brussels sproutsFeb 15-Mar 1Feb 15-25
CabbageFeb 15-Mar 1Feb 15-25Apr 6-20Apr 10-20
CarrotsMar 8-23Mar 8- 9
CauliflowerFeb 15-Mar 1Feb 15-25Apr 6-20Apr 10-20
CeleryFeb 15-Mar 1Feb 15-25
CornApr 27-May 4
CucumbersMar 16-30Mar 16-27Apr 20-27Apr 20-25
LettuceMar 1-16Mar 11-16Apr 6-27Apr 10-25
MelonsMar 16-30Mar 16-27Apr 27-May 4
Onion setsMar 16-23
ParsnipsMar 23-Apr 13Mar 28-Apr 9
PeasMar 1-16Mar 11-16
PeppersFeb 15-Mar 1Feb 15-25
Potato tubersApr 13-27Apr 26-27
PumpkinsMar 16-30Mar 16-27Apr 20-27Apr 20-25
RadishesApr 6-20Apr 6- 9
SpinachMar 1-16Mar 11-16
Squash, summerMar 16-30Mar 16-27Apr 20-27Apr 20-25
Squash, winterMar 16-30Mar 16-27Apr 20-27Apr 20-25
TomatoesFeb 15-Mar 1
Feb 15-25
I don't think I can wait until March 23rd  to plant beets. I say that now, but I bet you those dates creep right up on me and I am scrambling to get things in on time. 
We are leaving our animals on our garden area over the winter in hopes that they will fertilize the land.  Maybe we won't have to add as much compost to the area. 
These are my favorite sites for seeds-
All time fav is : they are trying to do it right, and draw from a huge number of members that have old time favorites.  has a lot of information on the plants themselves.  I really appreciate the extra information.   another great site for good quality seeds
You need to watch carefully to make sure you are not getting GMO seeds.  I am choosing not to grow corn this year, because I live in the middle  of corn fields and I do not want cross pollination between GMO seeds and mine. 

Another thing we are considering is how to keep pests from eating on our plants, and what kind of fertilizers we can choose that will benefit the plants but keep harmful chemicals from our plates.
The kids have suggested we get guinea keets to help keep the bugs at bay. I think this might be a good solution but they also make a bunch of noise all day long.  Think of them as the burglar alarm for your farm.  They let you know if anything is out of place! 
Do you have any great seed places you buy from each year? 

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